We (Humanity) have a New Earth School!


A School whose energy is firmly rooted in Higher Conscious and Spiritual Awareness.

A School where the word ‘Spiritual’ has a completely New meaning!

Everything you ever knew; challenged; experienced and transcended, now discarded and acknowledged as no longer of service….

Transcending to a whole new Paradigm!

A School where the Prospectus is yet to be designed; and redesigned in every Moment.

Nothing is set in stone as the Higher Conscious Learning Material changes with every vibrational step we take!

A School where every student gets to direct their own study; one based on Individual research and their own conclusions about the Divine Presence.

Not one based on the words of others. Lessons based in freedom and love; not fear and constriction.


carduseus 1

Here at Planet Earth: The New School for the new Dimension, you get to design your own schedule, planner and learning outcomes. A schedule based on your own Divine connection to the One Source; your understanding of it (not someone else’s!)

You get to design your own Spiritual existence. One that has never been written before!

You are the Master of your inner School of Experience and it therefore makes sense that you explore your world from this starting point.

Jacqueline Cullen




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