Well Folks. Here we go…

Today is the day to CHANGE our World!!!!!

Our poor world has become a ‘dumping ground’ for hate and separation. And WE need to change it! We need to take back control of the ‘fear led’ feelings we have been carrying around and which flows throughout the lands!
It is time for us to connect with an Ever More Powerful Force than that which is running our lives at this moment in history!
We are here to be the ‘Saviours of our World; and the beautiful People within it.

It is our responsibility to CHANGE this fear; an all pervasive one especially in light of the recent bombings, suicide attacks and the innocent lives taken by those caught up in others beliefs!

WE have a good Heart and together our Light Shines so much Brighter; and at a much more Powerful rate than any darkness!

Our Hearts; when merged together make miracles happen. Our Hearts are the Key to Peace and the Connectedness we all seek. Our Hearts have such a profound influence in our lives and our world and when we focus its energy on Miraculous Change; it becomes so!!!

Today is the day to take this time to Change the energies within…


…Transmutation (changing energy from one form to another) is a very powerful tool.
There is no ritual to it; just the Intention to Change the energy.

Focus always your attention INSIDE of you; this is where the CHANGE takes place. Not outside; even though it is there for us to see.
ALWAYS focus on your own inner energies. You will feel the connection to the wider picture from this space!
Do not to worry getting it wrong, or not understanding how it works, Spirit is always Simple in its Powerful Profoundness and it will guide you on…

*Mother Earth has such Powerful energies herself to heal the world, so the focus at this stage in evolution is solely on us humans.
“I Now Transmute ALL energies of Hate and Separation. Of Violence; and Crimes against humanity.”
” I Now Transmute ALL energies of Ignorance and Shame.”
” I Now Transmute the energies of YOU.”
” I Now Transmute the energies of Me.”

It is done…!
* Repeat if you feel you need to. You will know when you are done; you will feel a Lightness within.*

Jacqueline Cullen.

Planet Earth: The New School for the new Dimension.


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