Advancing Higher Conscious Awareness

Our world has changed!


The New Energies have finally settled and are now firmly in place. It is now time to focus on building a world that fits perfectly with this Higher Conscious and Spiritual Light.

To do this, our minds must be a completely blank slate. Free from past conditioning and our beliefs about how things are done.

As this New Earth has yet to be created, it falls to us as Conscious Creators to be Pioneers of a World built upon the Light of the Divine.

For this to happen, we will need to leave all preconceived ideas and past constructs behind us.

All our thoughts; beliefs and understandings about life; discarded as no longer relevant at this level of Human and Planetary Vibration!

This is the point where we; both as Individuals and as a whole will need to ‘Go within’ where the beginning of Creations exists. It starts with our focus solely on our Inner Light; our own Divinity.

It starts with our ‘Knowing’ this New Higher Energy as our own. For we ARE this Higher Divine Being. We always were and always will be! There is no need to ‘force’ an image in your wish to create this New World; but rather ‘wait’ until you Know both the time for taking action, and what it is you are to do.

Spirit will whisper loud enough when the time is right!


What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A Spiritual Awakening usually (but not always) follows on from our understanding of Conscious Awareness!

Spiritual Awakening can come about through a trauma experienced; change in life’s circumstances or in my own case; having enough space/emptiness in my head for the Divine Energies to surface.

“It was like a ‘door being opened’ to something so Immense; so beautiful that life could/would never be the same again!”

This is the start of the Conscious Journey to ‘reconnect’ with spirit!

There is a feeling that something has changed inside of you and you will ‘never’ be the same again…

Signs of Awakening

      • You become aware of yourself as so much more than just a human being.

      • You SEE the ‘falsehoods’ of Life and the Truth of the Divine!

      • You have need for ‘Meaning’ in your life.

      • Increased or new found Creativity; finding ways to Express your Individuality.

      • Listening to and being guided by Intuition.

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